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Introducing Skin Triks® Exfoliating Bath SpongEEZe!

Designer Exfoliating Bath Sponge

The Skin Triks® Exfoliating Bath SpongEE is dual textured, providing a luxurious experience. You will feel the tingling of the microdermabrasion effect on one side, while the other holds rich lather and is soft enough for baby or beginners. Feel the Skin-Sation!


  • Skin Triks® SpongEEZe have a remarkable exfoliating effect!
  • Lathers Up with your favorite Bar Soaps, Liquid Soaps or Oils.
  • Skin Sational hygienic cleansing that is fast, invigorating and very thorough.
  • The Skin Triks® Exfoliating Bath SpongEE can be cleaned right after use while in the shower or tub; just re lather with soap, rinse and squeeze dry for a fast & ready reuse.
  • Bathing is made fast & easy with the Skin Triks Designer Exfoliating Bath SpongEE and unlike washcloths that end up on the tub floor sloppy & wet, it stores easily and neatly.
  • Use the Bath SpongEEZe like the Europeans have over many
    years by liberally massaging areas for cellulite reduction purposes.