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Body Scrub Sponge | Body Scrubber | About Skin TriksSkin Triks

About Us – Offering the Best Body Scrubber Bath Sponge on the Market

Mr. Scot Joseph Castellaneta the owner of the Skin Triks, Inc., is all American. He married a woman named Ewa originally from Europe who traditionally has always used a “bath sponge” when bathing. This keeps her skin clean and vibrant because of a simple skin “trik”: convenient-daily-exfoliation! She introduced to Scot the exfoliating bath sponge as an alternative to a wash cloth for very effective skin hygiene. As the years went by Scot found himself using this invigorating and handy bathing tool to shower with, so much so that he would ask relatives back in Europe to send more every year.

Skin Triks Body Scrubber Bath Sponge

Scot wondered why there was not a real European style bath sponge here in the USA. This led Mr. Castellaneta onto 5-years of research and has now developed the new and improved Designer Exfoliating Bath Spongee’, which is proudly manufactured in the USA. Now all of us can enjoy and benefit from the line of Skin Triks® Exfoliating Bath SpongEEZe… They’re Skin -Sational!

Message from the owner:

I think you will enjoy bathing like never before, the European Designer Exfoliating Bath Sponge; it is Skin-Sational! Thank you for trying this new product…