Introducing Skin Triks® Exfoliating Bath SpongEEZe!

Designer Exfoliating Bath Sponge

The Skin Triks® Exfoliating Bath SpongEE is dual textured, providing a luxurious experience. You will feel the tingle of true microdermabrasion on one side. The other holds rich lather and is soft enough for baby or beginners. Feel the Skin-Sation!


  • The Skin Triks® Exfoliating Bath SpongEE has a remarkable exfoliating effect.
  • Lathers Up with your favorite Bar Soaps, Liquid soaps or oils.
  • Skin Sational hygienic cleansing that is fast, invigorating and very thorough.
  • The Skin Triks® Exfoliating Bath SpongEE can be cleaned right after use while in the shower or tub; just re lather with soap, rinse and squeeze dry for a fast & ready reuse.
  • Bathing is made fast & easy with the Skin Triks Designer Exfoliating Bath SpongEE and unlike washcloths that end up on the tub floor sloppy & wet, it stores easily and neatly.
  • Use the Exfoliating Side liberally for Cellulite Reduction Properties.